Being an artist at heart, Dr. Ayman Kandeel originally studied the craft of portraiture, fashion and commercial photography at the instruction of one of the best photographers in Los Angeles: Robert Ferrone.

As his work progressed and his skills become honed and polished, he developed a unique and impactful style. As a result, he has added “professional photographer” to his long list of credentials.

Ayman has taught economics, statistics and finance in several universities, established several successful advertising agencies, and founded and built a AK COMICS, a comic book company that web site that reached the top ten ranks in the United States. Currently, when he’s not on a photo shoot, he runs international businesses in the fields of finance, brokerage, asset management and real estate, mostly conducted under the umbrella of Pi Capital, his Los Angeles based advisory firm.

While he has special interest in HDR photography, his passion for the profession is clearly evident in his photo journalistic type of work, some of which is now available in limited and signed number of prints.

More of Ayman’s commercial photography can be viewed at 1348 Photo.